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We're not doing this for vandalism or violence against all of you. But the Project Fallen One are proudly say that we act as we show all the weirdness of a people and we make it into a story with the use of our own mythological ways, the PFO and its contributors are not fake, were real people..........

-speech by: Hermann J. Sayaman

[ founder and president, Project Fallen theater plays and production company ]

We were profited privately, but we really don't want to be published nor exposed ourselves totally.


-description about our masterpieces are also not pubished here due to our rules and regulations we followed-


EXISTHERIUMN ( XSR Mk9A ) type planet

 - an extraordinary planet that belonged to the Existherhiann dimension, and it existed in unmatched era on Earth’s





 In the birth of a dimension that was void at that time, there are 2 spirits that come and visited the void universe

And they create elements ( fire, wind,etc. ) and the living cells to make a void and lifeless world be a living paradise.


Mharvheur [muo’hr’feu] is the creator of the cells.

Jhamathair [zha’ma’ser] is the inventor of all elements that makes the void world have a function.


With their great teamwork, they finally made the world and named it “Existheriumn”[aezhisch’zeryum]


After they ruled and lived a billion of years. The 2 spirits are immediately inherited right after they were mysteriously



  • The heirs on the newly birth world.

-Mhilliardhiann  [meeh’lya’rzhan]

-Hephirothiclon [hefi’rozi’clon]

-Ragnatheus [rai’na’zeuh]

-Schnelvonn [shn;elvon]


Those 4 remnants are ruled the world for many generations with the unmentioned population until the existherhiann dino age.



Birth of evil


 Optiloceus [ofpi’lokyus] is the one who fall from the far far future and turn back in the past to wreck a havoc in the peaceful world.

Result is... The birth of Human age on this world.



(it occured in all over many centinial generations )

[centinial is an existherian word for centuries]





 Claustheophiroth[klo’szeu’firoth] had modified the cells and make it as a perfect living cell that was a very reason of humans in



Birth of numerous generations:

 Since the evil organization had occupied the universe and create a perfect weapon to stop their slow growing of technology life

by using a force, violence and malevolence over ruling the people.


  • All evils are existed and same as the reborn good ones.






The notable person of Existherium:


  • Zarnacard and Optilocues Voltheur - the living spirits that holds the forces.
  • Wilson Reinhard Figaro - The very first scientist who had a potential and powers to save the world from evil.
  • Amelianne N. Weizzer  - The girl who had died in the forces of evil that makes a great significance on history .
  • Noelle - The girl who had a same experiences on Amelia, but her situation is far more different from her story. Noelle was killed by a zombie but she had no trace of sexual abuse except for her staying in the Figaro manor with Theodore G. Figaro.
  • Lycoryst Hyenard - The girl who had a great legacy by copying her data many times a year. She was the very first human created the late FIGARO scientist who never mentioned his name nor written/recorded on history. [3,649,365 copies of her has been recorded on history.]
  • Wanchforth B. Figaro - Deimythreus’ good twin brother who really founded the AMS who actually named SVUAMS.

[special victims unit&agency for monochromic situation]

[monochrome means ‘biohazard havoc’]

  • Hikari Nagasaki - the only female born  on a famous Dragon  tribe of Nagasaki family, she also had the great significance on her existence. Her life's story was based on St. Madelainne of Ludgeworth, she was born several centuries before her, St. Madelainne is completely inspired from Alessa 's life. [ But their major difference was... Alessa was born in 1960s, but for St. Madelainne. She was born on ancient times. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Miko [means: Crimson flower] [used only for girls]   note: this name is also existed in real life but it has the different meaning and useit depends on a people. 
  • This name was famously used since the Project H.I.K.A.R.I. was released.

The notable females who used this name:

  • Sgt. Miko _ a 32 y.o. female soldier who created the A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E. banner and flags.
  • Miko (ng47500) _ one of Michelle Hyenard's clones based on her good half of herself.
  • Miko (t-964) _ the one that created at Archeon ages. [ she was currently taken care by Agent Chameleon's uncle ]

( note: those numbers are in hexadecimals )

47,500HEX = 292,096DEC

964HEX = 2,404DEC

* Miko (ZXC ng-3e5) _ one of the copy clones based on Amelia Weizzer's beauty.

[ this clone had a several variant copies used sometime later after it's final creation/modification. ]


A. Weizzer's shortened history ( as she mentions it for some reasons )

-Origins of Life (circa. All over a century)

  1. The Existherhian world under construction via the code Mk0000 Hn-A(10)

Battles:NONE -Mhilliardhian v Zephtyclonn (circa millions of years)

  1. Zephtyclonn, the 8 winged-vampire imp who invades the Existherhian Dimension

To fulfill his ultimate evil goals. Until someone who is a perfect weapon for him to stop his Evil deeds. Battles:  Invasion of the unidentified enemies Zepthyclonn’s havoc Beginning of two forces fate Battle for the deaths of Ragnarok and Schnyldenn -FIGARO Menace ( circa 9999 times of thousand year – on original time ) ( shortened into unknown years due to her occupation ) The time where the evil organization held captive the innocent lives for all over thousand years on  each single day of their job. Battles: FIGAROES invasion Space wars ( 9 times ) The full-scale construction of Planet Existheriumn ( XTRNG 00000 ) [notes: numbers are used in hexadecimal unit]

-Fall of the clans ( over 1000 years in original time) The time when the 8 legendary half-beast deities become 4 due to the exposed of a chemical called “MAKO”. Their final process of exposure on the toxic windy chemical that makes each of them became 4 major clans Called Dragon, Serpent, Wolf and Lotus. Battles: Major 4 clan wars

-The Fallen One Stories ( lots of stories on original time ) These stories of overgrown of fallen people [ those are the followers of a false hero, saint or masters in world ]. The battles are identified and mentioned only as “fight for reality” its because of no one is a good man due to their worshipping the FIGAROES or some Fallen Ones [the false ruler].

-End of craziness (????) Amelia Weizer, an innocent  girl who has been tortured and murdered by the FIGAROES in a long long time has returned in Omega Existherhian world to fulfill her sweet vengeance and she brokes the orb of memories and swallows up all the evil and good lifestreams then burned up,  the End of FIGAROES and Zephtyclonn are unexplained, because she finally found the source of their eternal existence and summons the meteor to destroy it, then no one had noticed it.

  • Her occupation until the further  future Existherhian worlds will never be removed as she entitles herself as “The Slash”.
  • But her occupation has been stopped when Gonmaru finally finds a safe place for her soul to be eternally at peace.
  • This is the one of the another failed pronounced on the story.
  • Only Gonmaru can mention the ultimately truth of what really happend deeply after he found the amulet that gives him perfectly ultimate power to reveal all truth. 

[ The result was the very creation of the orb's final evolution ]

Alter-Fallen series

The alternated stories of an original existherhian/tyranthiumn stories which it contains the victories of the protagonists from stone age to the metalner ages.

-these stories are all mentioned here, but it has the good epilogues ( just like a video game endings, it has negative side and a positive side. ). 

( metalner ages means: far far future )

ALLIANCE - is the group of protagonists who having always comminicating with the heroes/heroines from the past.

G-Tyranthiumn: Re-revolution

Many decades had passed after the fallen planet's explosion, some new generated planets are existed and one of them was the planet Archadia. The story focuses on the investigation process on the Cube of Memories that the Archeon knights are interested to figure out what's inside on it.

Characters are:

  • ALLIANCE team (px 98af) _ the remaining old heroes/heroines are gathered on Mizuchitopia. [ Michelle Hyenard is still here, but as a spirit that takes the form of any target she wants. ]-----------------------[ this team had 27 members ]. 
  • Aquinoire & Morphynnlainne _ the 2 young leaders who are still confused of who really they are.
  • St. Madison _ Aquinoire's alternate self and a female version of himself by fusing himeslf with Morphynnlainne to hid themselves from fallen Archeon Knights.

-Due to their secret has revealed, they have been captured and tortured. Morphynn survived but Aquinoire did not make it, and she avenges her brother's death by making herself stronger but it makes the another story for her and she became the enemy. [her name today was Hermmheusse] -Michelle Hyenard is still alive but as a ghost that can copy anyone else she want.

  • Gamma Optilocues Froddhoe W _ one of the abandoned masterpiece of the late evil scientist Dr. Deim Figaro.
  • Gran Fraudeo _ A younger evolved of an incomplete ugly tyrant who lets the Archeon Knights killing each other for the step of his true intentions.

-After Fraudeo's imprisonment for 115 years. Santiago F. Magrando is taking the place as the main antagonist. -The Archangel humanoid version of Gonmaru is currently stepping on the planet Archadhia right after Miko has improved her battle skills.

  • Delta _ One of the greatest FIGAROES inc.'s scientist who just returned as their guide to fight against new evil.
  • [The frozen demon] _ the monster that exists inside on the cube, instead of cosmos of the past events.
  • Maiden Mizuchi ( Mitsu no Otome ) _ The female version of Dr. Mizuchi that has the physical appearance exactly at one of the notable maidens in history.

-Currently, the Maiden Mizu is on a slumber as Dr. Delta needs a support cells for Judithe's life preservation.

  • [The Cube spirit] _ A spirit with a shape of a human that narrates and navigates to the one who helds the cube itself.

The newest story of Rerevolution saga was called "The Ultra-doublecrossing creep". The story was the sequel to the previous Rerevolution volumes, some old friends are back but in a switched identites and bodies, plus the new members on enemy forces and more unexpected events will be revealed.

The Project AxeNight has made a new story named "Fragments of Creepy Pasts".This story was altered sequel focuses on The cube of memory's journal as it revives the whole gang of Sydeon and the survived people from different cities on Archeon Territory, as they must face another challenges within them as the Cube itself choses them for some purposes.


-The 'Miko (t-964)' who was once taken care by Agent Chameleon's uncle, then became Dr. Delta's assistant had cloned herself and hid all the rest. One of the clones was her current body and renamed herself as Michelle 'Dr.Myszxh' Figaro for some reasons she will the current guide for the protagonist and the rest who are in the good side.

-Thymeone had used Dr.Myszxh's once name as her screen name and she had own reasons in case of several emergencies, everyone who close to her doesn't know her secret identity except Syd because he had recognized already Thymeone's sweet odor.

-Syd had surrender himself and sealed himself on a Male Seclusion no.704 on Gavhion City's tallest sanitarium. [ his cousin was his only help for some cases its because his cousin works as a security guard on there. ]

-Since she used DrMyszxh's name for some reasons, she rather used the name "Thymmie" just like all people who are close and unknown for her called her "Thymmie girl".

[ that name was originated from the sword right after the fusion of 4 clan's power source orb into a normal Dragon Clan's sword. ]

G-Tyranthiumn: Re-revolution presents: Fragments of Creepy Pasts _ 2nd arch [ a.k.a. Operation Thymmie ]

The story continues as more old characters from the past are given again once a life by the Cube of Memories. A girl who struggles multiple times on each day she encountered and still in doubt of she was their threat or a target objective.

Major Plans of notable characters:

-Therainne was revived once more from her long slumber on a vessel and makes a deal with some scientists to avoid any direct appointments on AMSC and her major plan is to make Thymmie as her daughter and to stop use Thymmie in various adult stuffs.

-Michelle Hyenard used Damian Kikuchi's body to recreate a Dracula for her own and her major plans for Thymmie is not yet exposed.

-One of the great soldier had passed away and his brother avenges him with a false judgement that ALLIANCE was the reason of his brother's murder. So he rebelled against them and make a force with the same objective, Ethanniel Deouey's plan for Thymmie is not that bad but he might abuses her dangerous potential that actually had a closed connection on 2 world's shifting and he might used it for his own joy.

-Since both MROA and ALLIANCE had no latest news about their plans for Thymmie. Y Optilocues might have a initial major plans on taking her on his hands, might be there some possibilities that he will kidnap her first for his initial movements right after he was resurrected by the corrupted Hermmheusse right before she disappear.

"am...i...their[sobbing hardly]"

-Thymmie's catchphrase

At the end of this chapter. A rampage on Gavhion City Estate Hotel, Thymmie was out of her control due to her possession of the cursed cube that gives her all knowledge about everything and starts to executing all who gets in her way. Soon later, Syd and his gang are all arrived but it is too late then they seperately approach her to perform a surprise corner.

On a midnight at the rooftop of a devastated hotel. She held captured Rudolfo Magrando as her human shield while the AMSC helicopter stands right behind her and the pilot mentioned to surrender or die, then she choses to fall rather than to be killed and the young mafia boss was thrown away deep on the hotel's giant fountain.

Even she chose to surrender, she mentioned to herself that the battles are still on while Y Optilceus, Dracula and the rest of villains are still trapped in somewhere else out of this dimension.

G-Tyranthiumn: Re-revolution presents: Wreck of the Psychopath

The previous chapter's extended story that focuses on both authorities of MROA and AMSC's chasing on a dangerous persocon.

*Since the 3rd arch of the "Creepy Pasts" saga will be the sole story of Raigeki and Juno's broken family story from what is the reason to the motive of each events.

*The Final arch of it. Will be the traditional fight that all protagonists are always waited as they fight their enemies for the final settle of the scores.

*A short story named "Life of a human created by the human: Positive to Negative ways" solely focuses on a persocon's life from where they were really came from to the life that they will encounter every single day.

*Some alternated stories are found in the another title named "The Archeon Planet stories". It contains some stories based on the previous chapter.

[ like; Threvour and Therainne's plans on adopting Thymmie was finally granted ]

*Auvhrymn, the last young heir to the throne of entire territory of planet Auvherge comes to Archeon for a visit and wilingly asks Thymmie out on a date.

[this book is was entitled "Flowers n' Platina", this title has a great symbolization on people's standings.]

(which means; an unexpected relationship between an ordinary person and a worldwide known noble person.)

The Day that Thymmie is gone

The remaining members of the group are still in doubt on her disappearance until one day one very familiar face has returned and revives the once superior company of modeling and a various new fights and new struggles awaits on their lives.

*This alternated story focuses in aftermath of Syd's experiments.


257 years after the final corruption in entire Archeon territory. Flame Mantis Pharma Inc. discovered the several remains of sinking continents that might be another plague to the latest generation of entire population, while in the sectors of the company's allies they making a great chance to execute the last of every Existherhianns it's because of their false judgement on them are victorious so they were setting some malicious plans to execute them....

With this situation, only Dr. Myszh and Sydeon are the witnesses on several sector's motives if it is either for good or for evil...

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